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Your Financial SherpaTMDaniele Soare :: Financial Coach Financier - emblemGuiding you through the seemingly unfriendly, un-scale-able mountains and leading you to your abundance and peace of mind!

As one of the first 3 women on the Toronto Stock Exchange floor, I revelled in the fast-paced excitement of trading.

Rising at the crack of dawn, I’d grab my coffee and rush off, proudly wearing my green jacket complete with golden crest.

Daniele Soare :: Financial Coach Financier


Daniele Soare :: Financial Coach Financier - emblem
Joining the ruckus of 600 people, I was ready for action. The second the bell rung, the flashing tickers would begin whizzing by.

Our song was the incessant shouting – the dramatic signals, arm-waving and madly flying elbows was our dance.

City Skyline

I loved every minute.
Daniele Soare :: Financial Coach Financier - emblem

Amidst the controlled chaos, I had to keep my eyes sharp, my brain even sharper!

In what was traditionally considered a “boys club,” I played with the best of them. I was razzed, hazed, and the target of pranks & jokes.

Despite the challenges, I loved every minute of it.

Something else was calling me.

Daniele Soare :: Financial Coach Financier - emblem

My trading skills (and my chutzpah) quickly led to a career in institutional equity trading. It was a privileged position, and a path that few got to take.

Think of it like this:

The floor traders are what you see in the movies, all the glamour, the romance… but we were the men and women in black. The dragons. The “mission impossible” people behind the scenes, making it all happen.

That’s where I cut my chops. Trading in multiple millions. (Today it would be billions). We’re talking do or die.

After playing in multiple arenas in the financial industry, something else was calling me.

Something even BIGGER.

A Leap of Faith.
Daniele Soare :: Financial Coach Financier - emblem

I took a leap of faith, followed my intuition and guidance, and embarked on a journey of a different kind.

My journey led me further from the grip of the industry, and I realized my ultimate desire:

To help people navigate a system that was harsh terrain for most.

Let’s face it,

We’re taught how to earn money…
but not how to manage or invest it.

Let go of limiting beliefs.
Daniele Soare :: Financial Coach Financier - emblem

It became crystal clear that even though numbers don’t lie, there are also unconscious undercurrents that need to be addressed in order to create lasting – and liberating – change.

Today, as a Financial SherpaTM I guide my clients through the seemingly unfriendly, un-scale-able mountains and lead them to the practical financial solutions that are right for THEM and their families.

And I do it in a humane, loving, and holistic way. What I call “The Spirit of Money.”

If YOU are ready for abundance, and the FREEDOM it brings, find out how you can get Spirit of Money coaching!

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